Kazár village first appeared in records in 1221 under the name of Cazar. In the old village there are many of the original traditional houses, making a stroll through the old village rewarding. Kazár has acquired renown for having the Palóc Country’s most colourful women’s costumes. Their distinctive feature is the hard starching of the skirt and the headdress used by young women, the most ornamental of which are the gold and silver laced pieces.

Folk traditions, folklore

Nógrád county is the core of the Palóc ethnic region. Culture throughout the region is very varied: attires, traditions and customs are all different.

In the streets of some old villages folk costumes are easy to spot. Those visiting the county can get familiar with the values of past in museums and houses preserved in their original, authentic form. The most significant museum cherishing the Palóc relics is the Palóc Museum in Balassagyarmat.

The most beautiful regional folk costumes are in the villages of Hollókő, Kazár, Őrhalom, Rimóc, Buják, Ludányhalászi and Dejtár.

Folk art in many places of the county comes to life even nowadays: women are weaving linen to be completed with embroidered patterns in the winter, gifted men apply decoration with carving to furniture and tools they use day by day. In Hollókő it is due to the folk attire, pristine nature, well-preserved terraced houses, castle and unity of authentic buildings that the village has been awarded with the "world heritage" title.

Palóc flavours

Palócland is one of the most beautiful and pristine regions of Hungary known not only by its peculiar dialect, richly decorated and colourful folk costumes and interesting customs, its cuisine is also worth of praise.

Today's Palóc cooks and housewives prepare very appetizing meals made of mainly potato, cabbage, and beans.Here tasty vegetable dishes are made with milk and roasted flour, but leavened dough with potato, just like strudels, are popular, as well.

One of the most well-known Palóc dishes is potato noodles served with ewe-cheese or cabbage.

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