The 2007 financial year onwards the European Union major changes enacted in the Community of agricultural subsidies and rules regarding the conditions. As part of the 2007-2013 period for all agricultural purposes in a rural development fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) will focus on. The EAFRD support for rural development from the drawdown of Member States for rural development strategy, and implementation of rural development programs had to develop.

The wide-ranging social partnership created the New Hungary Rural Development Programme of the European Union's Rural Development Committee of the 2007th on September 20, unanimously adopted.

Through the NHRDP action 5 billion euros, depending on the prevailing exchange rate of around 1,300 billion HUF appropriate assistance can be called off, mainly to improve the competitiveness of the agriculture sector, the natural and built environment of rural values of conservation and recovery of regional investment.

For the full programme and more information please go to: http://www.fvm.gov.hu/main.php?folderID=2170