Local Action Groups

The LEADER Programme is designed to support local businesses, farmers, foresters, community groups, those involved in tourism and a range of rural enterprises.

The Local Action Groups (LAG) are in place to see that the money is spent on the projects of greatest local priority as laid out in the Local Development Strategy (LDS) and the priorities above.

The Local Action Group is a team of professionals who are actively involved in the rural economy or community who are able to bring their expertise to help decide on the priorities of the LEADER area.
The members of the LAG are often farmers, foresters or those working for other rural organizations however each person attends the committee as individuals not representatives.
The LAG act as a board of governors overseeing the delivery of grants to the right places and the monitoring of grants for the future. The Local Action Group also have sub committees specializing in marketing, finance and other aspects.
There is a trained section of the LAG who sit on an "approval panel" who will make the final decision on the acceptability of the projects weighing them against priorities for the rural area and other competitive projects.

List of the Hungarian LAGs in regional sections:

Central Hungary
Central Transdanubia
Northern Great Plain
Northern Hungary
Southern Great Plain
Southern Transdanubia
Western Transdanubia