Dél-Zempléni Nektár Leader Nonprofit Ltd.

The LAG Dél-Zempléni Nektár LEADER is located in North Hungary, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county.

The LAG area consist of thirty settlements and is situated in three small-sceneries: the flat country nature Taktaköz and the hilly Harangod and Tokaj-Hegyalja- areas.

Agricultural activity is more characteristic of these three areas, than the presence of industry. Only one of the thirty settlements is entitled as town, the others are villages.

Unfortunately, the unemployment-rate is high in the area of our LAG and we have to solve the problem of migration as soon as possible.


Short description of the Local Development Strategy (LDS)

Our natural, cultural and historical heritage can be saved by ecological consciusness, complex services in tourism and infrastructural investments. Taking these measures, the sector of tourism can be strenghtened. We can also build on the reputation of the name of Tokaji.

Through a unified marketing strategy, in network running services, facilities in tourism could be more efficiently utilized. New workplaces can be created by development of enterprises, supporting our landtypical agricultural activities and processing industry, encouraging services for better life-quality and assurance of economic conditions that further the entreprising behaviour.


Range of interest in rural development orientation (Keywords List)

1. local products
2. rural tourism
3. cultural heritage
4. innovation
5. horticulture
6. cultural programmes
7. traditional craftmenship

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