Business in the EU

Small business owners more Eurosceptic than big business

Before 2006 business in the European Union meant coordinating with the legal reforms, political reforms and the impending costs placed on imports and exports imposing barriers to free trade. Several publications of Federation of small businesses survey conducted with approximately 6000 of its members by the spokesman for small companies –Margot Parker, led to the realization that European Union affects businesses especially small business in more profound ways. The results from the survey indicated that small business owners are now more Eurosceptic compared to big business owners. I agree that the European Union is deliberated to make the lives of large enterprises and corporations easier and bearable, but this came to me as a surprise. What is evident in this particular case is that small business owners are now demanding more of enquiring more information about the European Union and how their decisions to leave or stay would impact their businesses. No doubt that organizations campaigning on the ‘leave’ side will reach out to the small business owners and convince them to leave the European Union.

Let’s reflect on the next referendum support from British business; them remaining in the European Union has always been considered a predetermined inference. However new researches proposed that the business community in the European Union should be more disjointed on such issues than views of heads of big banks. With both big and small enterprises accounting to approximately 60% of all the private sector employment in the UK and 47% turnover of all reserved segment, if small and medium-sized enterprises are subjective at all by their organization’s interest concerning the European Union then the regiment campaigners will want on their side when addressing the business aspect of the referendum.

During the survey with Margot Parker, he said that “we the 37.7% small business owners how the assumption of their businesses being affected by European Union in one way or another is wrong.” However, the facts remain that impacts on small enterprises are undeniable if owners stay in the regulatory burden which causes administrative costs to increase.

On one side large organizations and digitals entrepreneurs in the European Union strongly favor staying, and on the other side, 42.7% of the small enterprises in the European Union want to strengthen trading ties with other parts of the world of course beyond European Union. Chances of improbability are very high since all negations in regards to trading are done by the EU on behalf of the small business owners. And again owners and managing directors of the big enterprises, 47% of them are in favor of staying while 42% want to leave.

That said, we can comfortably and suitably engage businesses in the EU with the best parts of the world as small business owners negotiate trade deals which benefit their business and the whole economy. What is portrayed here, is more and more assessments from non-political groups? It is forthright that business in the European Union has nothing to fear concerning being free from the political union with the EU. Myself was predominantly impressed to see a majority of the respondents in the survey recognizing that deciding to either leave or stay in the EU would either improve small businesses or make no practical difference.

Gaming and Gambling

Yesterday’s 7 a.m news reported that Dallas Mavericks now the owner of Mark Cuban is set to seek innovation that can positively benefit the team, whether it’s building scientifically modern and advanced locker rooms or indulging in partnership with a pillow making, of course assuming this will enhance their sleep. It is also a fact that he thinks to make sports gambling legal will be beneficial to both his team and pro sports in general.

Such thoughts lead to The Washington Post magazine reporting that Cuban hired Bob Voulgaris the former sport’s gambler to be to be the company’s qualitative research and development director. For the past years, Voulgaris made his living out of NBA games, efficaciously gambling based on his research as well as his information. The player is also known for his profound analytics and proficiency on coaching strategies and tendencies of individual referees. On top of all that he is among the celebrities who have a train of NBA fans following him. For example, in a month he managed to accrue 143,000 followers on twitter as he simultaneously made several appearances on Bill Simmon’s podcast. At the beginning of 2000 he hits his first jackpot. Like any other investor, he used the win to sponsor his career in sports-gambling.

That said, Cuban is expected to exploit such skills to help them examine the bigger picture on the court.

Between 2009 and 2010, Voulgaris signed another contract with an owner of an NBA Franchise in an aim to consult about the schedule construction of the team. A deal that for five months got his career on gambling retreated and surged since the line makers had gotten smatter at thwarting. Therefore, they both constructed a computer-based model that can encourage games based on the statistics and data released by the forward-thinking NBA player. However it is one thing for gambling to be associated with gaming, and another to have a picket in the game since they are entirely two different things, which explains the reason behind his contract.

Let’s not forget about the surprising turn of events where players lose their money in such games based computer models. Not when betting on football or feeding notes into a fixed-odds betting terminal like Voulgaris who was not a successful gambler like him, but mainly on video games. Either played from mobiles, a computer of final android fantasy, gaming, use a similar system to reel in and gain profits from the players. The systems have weapons which players use to upgrade to the next level, and in specific occurrences, they will have to buy those weapons with real money, currencies you name it. They have no guarantee of what they will get and still have no way to guide the game into giving them something they want or need.

Concisely, these gaming systems are sort of weaponized behavioral psychology, which are inclined perfectly to exploit the cognitive weaknesses that make players or users so vulnerable to addiction as well as the compulsion. Players in these gaming systems are found to pull both usual and ordinary strings of problem gambling; they have the urge to earn more which turns into a misplaced belief that an unlucky streak must to an end. Sadly, their hope of winning which makes them continue playing or betting will reverse the losses already sustained.

What’s happening in the entertainment business?

Trends in shaping the future of media and entertainment industry.

Three things made headlines in the entertainment industry this year –increased demand for video games, increased streaming contents online and hyper-targeted content and advertising. These rending developments are designed to transform the media and entertainment industry this as reported by the vice chairman and US media and entertainment leader –Kevin Westcott. The entertainment and media industry aspires to have projects generating revenue of up to $792.3 million by 2022. Businesswise, the entertainment industry sector is navigating through digital disruption first, and its transformation is far from over.

It goes without that saying today we go digital rather than printing, video games instead of sports, wireless instead of fixed internet access and OTT instead of pay-tv. Traditional and social media is concealing. Below are entertainment industry trends highlights which are also expected to continue shaping the media and entertainment landscape.

Fastest-generating income fragment.

We have experienced changes during the past five years –from 2017 to 2022. Some of these changes include virtual reality (VR), over the top video (OTT), as well as the constant growing internet advertising. These changes are the top revenue generators not only within the media and entertainment industry nut to the economy as a whole. For an instant, the virtual reality market is quickly and steadily transforming into entertainment as well as a productivity platform. In fact, outlets such as USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington post are on board the virtual reality journalism trend. To be precise, virtual reality generated $1.5 billion in 2017 for the U.S. On other news over-the-top video is reported to have created total revenue of $20.1 billion for the U.S in 2017. PwC predicts that such growth rates might begin to slow down as the markets continue to mature.

Converging deals throughout the industry

For instance, TV companies, social media networks, and streaming services are now contending over both popular e-sports and e-sports rights. While on the other hand TV companies OTT operators, movie studios, telecoms as well as tech companies are competing over who will provide radio and podcast contents.

The fact is, convergence is that of geographies, access and it will continue to be a lot of media and entertainment while transactions are looking to consolidate content.

5G To Evolve What Content Is

Telecom operators are the most affected by the introduction of the 5G wireless networks. Nevertheless, it has changed and facilitated possibilities in regards to faster broadband experiences. Let us envision T-mobiles recent acquisition, the video broadband startup layer3, will empower it to launch an Internet-delivered television service across the U.S of course powered by the 5G wireless network.

First, there will be a drive towards impulse consumption once 5G wireless networks come to culmination since Sprint has already made access to Hulu which is made available in some of its packages. Additionally, 5G wireless networks are developing alongside unending developments in synthetic intelligence, the evolution of virtual and augmented reality, location-based services as well as the worldwide rollout Of IoT devices. From my perspective, I believe the opportunities whether to innovate in the next five years or not –and beyond –are superficially endless.

Financial and Forex Trading

When incorporating financial and forex industry, it can be both hard and dull or even both. What makes trading simple when financial forex goals? Financial marketers would tell you that you need to stay up-to-date with the trends within the world of currency trading especially when indulging in a contract for difference trading while forex traders will tell you that you need good management which involves making a good and simple for the benefit of growing your business to enhance trading performances. With that being said financial and forex industry need attention to detail when extracting knowledge. One of the tops most popular financial advisors at Jones Mutual –Miguel Wellington mentioned that some news websites giving information on forex and financial trading might offer false information about what is happening in the financial world. There is no doubt that using this information will make traders misinterpret their trading ventures. That can lead to loss of your hard-earned money, all because you did not conduct thorough research. He instead advises traders to take their time to improve quality of their trading to avoiding making loses now or in the future. The following will guide traders on how to gather financial market knowledge to prevent drops and make more money:

Traders should find their trading method and stick to it.

Before settling on a trading method, you should ensure that you create long lasting trades, use daily charts and put your focus on the position of the trade. It is undeniable that we are different people and time to time we will tend to see financial markets differently, we all want the same thing –making more money. People tend to think to indulge in financial markets; one can learn how to trade overnight. Well, they are all wrong. Some traders feel that they should use their gut and often; this is where you make huge losses. The secret behind successful trading behind choosing a suitable trading method that will suit your individual needs –and then stick to it. But, it is also important to first find the right broker , like for example forex traden bij Pepperstone. Manu trading experts believe that price action method of trading is the best way of making profits. This revolves around keeping a close eye on the raw prices while simultaneously concentrating on high-probability patterns that repeat themselves.

Traders should trade on higher profits.

Miguel Wellington advisors who are just beginning to trade should be cautious or should not do this at all. He bases his argument on “the lower time frames your chart is divided into, the more your chances you have to make different trades.” While this is true in one sense, it is impossible for it to cost traders a lot of capital when trading in the long haul. Therefore, deciding to choose a trade on higher times frames, traders will have more valuable information as the candlestick on your chart has had a full 24 hours to build up to where it stands now.

Minimize the time you spend watching your charts.

This is something that traders have been known to struggle with. Sitting in front of your computer all day long monitoring the market charts, then you will jump at every spot where it looks like you are making profits. You might also be tempted to close the trade when you see the market plummeting a little. However, traders who trade on the daily charts should look at their charts once a day and decide whether they should enter a trade and set stop loss and take profit levels

Government in the EU

Banging Your Head over Brexit?

It’s been exactly two years since the referendum was held, for a small majority of 52% of those voting, supported the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union –Brexit. Since then, conversations, either in a bus, at the market, or at the school, is always the same –Brexit.

A man was lamenting on social media on how he cannot stand Brexit. He said, “I tear up newspaper, I angrily turn off the TV as I scream and as we speak I have already smashed two of my radios. I sometimes crouch in a fetal position as I bang my head so hard against the wall.” As he lives in fear of his business crumbling, since his business revolves around politics, he is also afraid that his wife will leave him. This leads us to our question, what about Brexit? It is a nationwide fixation that has become so intense and enduring than any world cup or any royal wedding within the European Union governance. This means that the European Union countries have split parties, havocked tribes while Britain is a populace of rational zombies.

BBC has launched loads of programs, and the presumption is, people are generally fleeing both good and bad news about Brexit. This heightens the fear of increased populism as well as a decrease in democracy. Some people view Brexit as a mistake while simultaneously agreeing that it extends broadly along customs union lines. Tallying with certain polls after the referendum in 2006 presenting that Brexit’s intentions had nothing to do with trade, but was over immigration. Researchers portrayed people to wanting free trade with Europe.

That being said, there is a sense of panic. Early this year, the government in the European Union mentioned that in case Britain clatters from the federation without a contract, then flights could cease between the UK and the rest of the European Union. In essence, a trip will have no choice but to seek permission to operate with corresponding states such as Europe since the earlier issued aviation licenses would be unenforceable and void. Hence, the government says that if the UK leaves the European Union next year without a valid contract, then both of their airlines would lose the automatic right to operate air services without requesting for advance authorization.

Reporters of The Guardian magazine reported that the Japanese carmaker Nissan warned the government in the European Union on a severe disruption. The disruption was feared to affect manufacturers especially those operating in the North-east of England if the UK neglects a deal between them and the European Union that circumvents a hard Brexit. Technically, the company’s operations are described as a European investment which has employed 8,000 employees in Sunderland and an additional 30,000 employees in several companies in the UK. In my opinion this enhances convenience when importing millions of components from the European Unions with no customs interruptions or tariffs. You should understand, if the government in the EU does not agree to the common standards to allow free movement of goods, then this would result in trading with EU countries on World Trade Organization rules, which employ 4.5% charges to car parts and 10% to finished cars.

Well, sources say the government in the European Union is revising their backstop plan, with the Brexit secretary, and Dominic Raab to come up with new and favorable offers. After all, there might be some hopes for a breakthrough to end the impasse.