In recent decades, there has been a surging increase in the number of immigrants into Europe. EU member states tension is high mainly that most of the immigrants are from Africa and the war-torn Middle East countries like Syria of which are not from the union.

Spain, Italy, Greece, and Germany are the recipients of overwhelming droves of sea and inland arrivals of foreigners seeking asylum. Election votes into mention a few, Hungary and France have become a significant concern that they are swaying elections. The primary concern of most citizens is terrorism that right-wing parties are using as a political agenda.

Some states have taken upon themselves in addressing the immigration issues and are calling on the EU for help. The accommodation is taking a toll on Malta and  Spain, that in securing their borders, they need extra funding from the EU.

The other target in controlling the immigrants from landing is by stopping human the human traffickers. EU and other transit countries in Africa and Eastern Europe must thwart the traffickers’ means of boats and immigration routes from leaving. There should be a mandatory and automatic mechanism to have the transit states also have a share of the refugee crisis.

The first country of arrival concept where immigrants can be sent back and stay does not go well with Italy.  There are tensions and threats from the Italian PM that all EU states should have their EU funding cut if they don’t equally accept immigrants.

The effects of Brexit and Immigration in the EU

The UK referendum vote over reasons of leaving the European Union was due to immigration. British citizens wanted control of the borders and fewer immigrants hence the vast majority for Brexit. Non-EU immigrants cannot be controlled by the EU, and this has led to uncontrolled immigration to the member states.

Though it’s possible for EU citizens to seek employment in the UK, by allowing free visa entry, the same cannot be said of no-EU immigrants. The UK government is targeting only the skilled migrants to get temporary residence status.

The UK government will struggle to retain the member states workers as a bargain on future EU trade negotiations and maintain historical ties. In having a hostile migrant setting after Brexit, it’s more likely to have problems mainly in the public sector.

Spanish PM, Pedro Sanchez has declared intent on withdrawing support for Brexit negotiations. The threat comes over a draft agreement pertaining the Gibraltar peninsula that Spain says was altered. Gibraltar is still claimed by Spain even after it was ceded to the British under the Treaty of Ultrchist in 1713.

In confirming Spain’s withdrawal in supporting Brexit, the countries EU secretary Luis Marco Aguiriano, demands that the UK should negotiate Gibraltar’s position, not by the EU. The Secretary alleges that earlier negotiations with the EU and UK were that Spain would support Brexit solely on Gibraltar’s part of the deal.

Ireland, Spain, and Cyprus are in talks with the British concerning their boundaries. If all the other member states fail to support Brexit, then Britain’s plans of leaving the EU might wait a little longer.

It’s been exactly two years since the referendum was held, for a small majority of 52% of those voting, supported the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union –Brexit. Since then, conversations, either in a bus, at the market, or at the school, is always the same –Brexit.

A man was lamenting on social media on how he cannot stand Brexit. He said, “I tear up newspaper, I angrily turn off the TV as I scream and as we speak I have already smashed two of my radios. I sometimes crouch in a fetal position as I bang my head so hard against the wall.” As he lives in fear of his business crumbling, since his business revolves around politics, he is also afraid that his wife will leave him. This leads us to our question, what about Brexit? It is a nationwide fixation that has become so intense and enduring than any world cup or any royal wedding within the European Union governance. This means that the European Union countries have split parties, havocked tribes while Britain is a populace of rational zombies.

BBC has launched loads of programs, and the presumption is, people are generally fleeing both good and bad news about Brexit. This heightens the fear of increased populism as well as a decrease in democracy. Some people view Brexit as a mistake while simultaneously agreeing that it extends broadly along customs union lines. Tallying with certain polls after the referendum in 2006 presenting that Brexit’s intentions had nothing to do with trade, but was over immigration. Researchers portrayed people to wanting free trade with Europe.

That being said, there is a sense of panic. Early this year, the government in the European Union mentioned that in case Britain clatters from the federation without a contract, then flights could cease between the UK and the rest of the European Union. In essence, a trip will have no choice but to seek permission to operate with corresponding states such as Europe since the earlier issued aviation licenses would be unenforceable and void. Hence, the government says that if the UK leaves the European Union next year without a valid contract, then both of their airlines would lose the automatic right to operate air services without requesting for advance authorization.

Reporters of The Guardian magazine reported that the Japanese carmaker Nissan warned the government in the European Union on a severe disruption. The disruption was feared to affect manufacturers especially those operating in the North-east of England if the UK neglects a deal between them and the European Union that circumvents a hard Brexit. Technically, the company’s operations are described as a European investment which has employed 8,000 employees in Sunderland and an additional 30,000 employees in several companies in the UK. In my opinion this enhances convenience when importing millions of components from the European Unions with no customs interruptions or tariffs. You should understand, if the government in the EU does not agree to the common standards to allow free movement of goods, then this would result in trading with EU countries on World Trade Organization rules, which employ 4.5% charges to car parts and 10% to finished cars.

Well, sources say the government in the European Union is revising their backstop plan, with the Brexit secretary, and Dominic Raab to come up with new and favorable offers. After all, there might be some hopes for a breakthrough to end the impasse.