Business in the EU

Small business owners more Eurosceptic than big business

Before 2006 business in the European Union meant coordinating with the legal reforms, political reforms and the impending costs placed on imports and exports imposing barriers to free trade. Several publications of Federation of small businesses survey conducted with approximately 6000 of its members by the spokesman for small companies –Margot Parker, led to the realization that European Union affects businesses especially small business in more profound ways. The results from the survey indicated that small business owners are now more Eurosceptic compared to big business owners. I agree that the European Union is deliberated to make the lives of large enterprises and corporations easier and bearable, but this came to me as a surprise. What is evident in this particular case is that small business owners are now demanding more of enquiring more information about the European Union and how their decisions to leave or stay would impact their businesses. No doubt that organizations campaigning on the ‘leave’ side will reach out to the small business owners and convince them to leave the European Union.

Let’s reflect on the next referendum support from British business; them remaining in the European Union has always been considered a predetermined inference. However new researches proposed that the business community in the European Union should be more disjointed on such issues than views of heads of big banks. With both big and small enterprises accounting to approximately 60% of all the private sector employment in the UK and 47% turnover of all reserved segment, if small and medium-sized enterprises are subjective at all by their organization’s interest concerning the European Union then the regiment campaigners will want on their side when addressing the business aspect of the referendum.

During the survey with Margot Parker, he said that “we the 37.7% small business owners how the assumption of their businesses being affected by European Union in one way or another is wrong.” However, the facts remain that impacts on small enterprises are undeniable if owners stay in the regulatory burden which causes administrative costs to increase.

On one side large organizations and digitals entrepreneurs in the European Union strongly favor staying, and on the other side, 42.7% of the small enterprises in the European Union want to strengthen trading ties with other parts of the world of course beyond European Union. Chances of improbability are very high since all negations in regards to trading are done by the EU on behalf of the small business owners. And again owners and managing directors of the big enterprises, 47% of them are in favor of staying while 42% want to leave.

That said, we can comfortably and suitably engage businesses in the EU with the best parts of the world as small business owners negotiate trade deals which benefit their business and the whole economy. What is portrayed here, is more and more assessments from non-political groups? It is forthright that business in the European Union has nothing to fear concerning being free from the political union with the EU. Myself was predominantly impressed to see a majority of the respondents in the survey recognizing that deciding to either leave or stay in the EU would either improve small businesses or make no practical difference.