France-Parc Asterix

Based on the comic stories of Asterix, the theme park has an array of attractions for all ages. They include the water splash ride, bobsled descent, rocking galley, and the giant roller coaster. Included is a tour of the historic Gaul village, Egyptian and Roman culture as well as a water ballet of sea lions and dolphins. Finally, you can meet the real stars of the show Asterix and his pal Obelix for a sort after relic photo.

Located 35 kilometers from Paris, it’s one of the most visited sites in France with over 10 million visitors.


Located in Italy’s North East,  and adjacent to Lake Garda. The park is a bevy of activity with its main attractions being the Gardaland Hotel, Gardaland Park, Canyon Creek, and Gardaland sea life. It combines both entertainment shows and other traditional attractions. Themed water well, roller coaster, water rides, dark rides, flat thrill rides, and family rides are some of the attractions.

Forbes ranks it as the best turnover amusement park in Europe and it attracts over 3 million visitors ever year.


The theme park is close to the city of Brussels. It started as a water skiing resort and has a unique theme for all ages. Roller coasters are a major attraction as they roll from dizzying heights, and water rides.

There are late night openings during summer and each night ends with firework displays. Halloween is one of the events that make the park thrilling. It transforms Walibi with terrifying festivities and entertainment. Guests are welcomed to the parks scare zone to feel the Halloween theme in their haunted houses around the park, and when they leave, it’s with a memorable experience.

Denmark-Tivoli Gardens

Situated in Copenhagen, it’s both a pleasure garden and the oldest amusement park in the world. It’s reputed, and it also ranked as the fifth most visited amusement park in Europe.

A variety of attractions surround Tivoli, and they are oriented buildings, cafes, flower gardens, band stands, merry go round, old picturesque railway, and mechanical amusement rides. All this are as old as Tivoli for it started as an amusement park in the mid-1800.

There is a lot of history at Tivoli, such as orchestra compositions, a theatre and a film acted on the grounds. It‘s now a tourist attraction due to its history in theatre and retaining famous characters. The gardens serve as a venue of art performances which are part of the Danish culture.

The Pantomime Theatre is a mechanical toy-like, and five men skillfully operate it. It primarily performs a classical Italian tradition but also is used in modern dances and ballet.

Efteling-The Netherlands

Created from themes of fantasy legends, myths, and tales the park offers an enchanting thrill for all ages. It originally started as a fairytale forest and playground but has evolved into an amusement park.

It also one of the oldest theme parks in the world with an annual visitor range of 4.7 to 5 million.  Efteling owes its popularity to the gardening and greenery and the high quality of its architecture and design.

The park’s grounds are expansive with a golf course, grassland, and forest. Included are gardens and ponds, and when combined with the pine trees it has a unique theme unlike in the other worlds amusement parks.