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Business in the EU

Small business owners more Eurosceptic than big business Before 2006 business in the European Union meant coordinating with the legal reforms, political reforms and the impending costs placed on imports and exports imposing barriers to free trade. Several publications of Federation of small businesses survey conducted with approximately 6000 of its members by the spokesman […]

Gaming and Gambling

Yesterday’s 7 a.m news reported that Dallas Mavericks now the owner of Mark Cuban is set to seek innovation that can positively benefit the team, whether it’s building scientifically modern and advanced locker rooms or indulging in partnership with a pillow making, of course assuming this will enhance their sleep. It is also a fact […]

What’s happening in the entertainment business?

Trends in shaping the future of media and entertainment industry. Three things made headlines in the entertainment industry this year –increased demand for video games, increased streaming contents online and hyper-targeted content and advertising. These rending developments are designed to transform the media and entertainment industry this as reported by the vice chairman and US […]

Financial and Forex Trading

When incorporating financial and forex industry, it can be both hard and dull or even both. What makes trading simple when financial forex goals? Financial marketers would tell you that you need to stay up-to-date with the trends within the world of currency trading especially when indulging in a contract for difference trading while forex […]

Government in the EU

Banging Your Head over Brexit? It’s been exactly two years since the referendum was held, for a small majority of 52% of those voting, supported the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union –Brexit. Since then, conversations, either in a bus, at the market, or at the school, is always the same –Brexit. […]