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Best Amusement Parks in Europe

France-Parc Asterix Based on the comic stories of Asterix, the theme park has an array of attractions for all ages. They include the water splash ride, bobsled descent, rocking galley, and the giant roller coaster. Included is a tour of the historic Gaul village, Egyptian and Roman culture as well as a water ballet of […]

Gambling- Operators and players in gambling

Novomatic, a slot machine company will pay a  habitual gambler for slot machine offers a whopping 2.5 million Euros in compensation. The problematic player according to medical reports could not control his behavior and lost 2 million Euros in the companies slot machines in a ten year period. They provide thousands of online casinos their […]

Insurance- Supervision of and risk management in the insurance sector

Insurance companies across the EU have a set of rules from the EC to protect policy holding citizens and that they can survive a financial crisis. Solvency 2 rules are a standard framework for insurance companies offering products like; reinsurance, life, and no life insurance. The laws target the insurance sector in being transparent, competitive […]

FinTech- New Financial Technologies for financial industry

The EC adopted an action plan on FinTech.  The term FinTech refers to the new technologies impact in the industry of financial services, and the action plan is to enhance an innovative EU financial sector and it to be more competitive. The innovations of FinTech enable it to be implemented all over the EU in […]

Capital Markets Union-Progress of CMU Action Plan

There are new measures from the European Commission (EC) to strengthen the Capital Markets Union (CMU) and the Banking Union (BU). These reforms are intended to develop supervision of financial markets and secure a stable financial institution. EC launched the CMU and the BU action plan with the aim of developing a single market in […]

Pharmaceutical Products Information in the EU

Policies implemented in the EU on free trade of services and goods among member states. The main agenda is to have a harmonized standard, with economic benefits through a more significant and broader market. However, this is not the case in medical products that are beneficial in health but also associated with risks. Regulations of […]

The best online casino information EU

The tech industry is changing rapidly and most companies that are working in this technological field are forced to follow this movement on foot. Especially online casinos are now focusing more and more on the latest innovations in order to keep track on their competitors and most importantly; staying ahead of the competition. Not only […]