My name is Peter Williams and started this blog in the second quarter of 2018. After doubting for a very long about publishing my content, i’ve finally made the decision to make a statement online. From as long as I can remember, my passion for underestimation and the sensitivity of our world reached beyond limits. Since I was little, the technology of our world always fascinated me in many perspectives. Technology changes are mostly underrated and overlooked by ordinary citizens and that is something I just can’t believe. I really felt the urge to shaken up the world and by publishing my blog, I found something that could help me with that. My goal of starting this blog is to publish informative articles that can really improve the quality of life, for all of us.

Besides working part time on this blog, I also work part time as a trader. I’ve always had an interest for finances and investments. Two years ago, I started trading in the cryptocurrency industry and already know some successes while doing so. I started as a trader in Bitcoins, but i’m now more interested in the mining process. Currently i’m living together with my wife, a passionate peace protester, activist and feminist. She means the world to me and we’re happily married since 1996. She is the thrive behind this blog, since she is committed to open everyone’s eyes and take a good look on the state of our life and world. She came up with the idea to publish more articles about today’s’ technology and the way we can use it in our own advantage. Take Forex for example, this trader has made some drastic developments and is only getting bigger.

We believe it is important as a citizen just to go with the flow by learning more about this innovation. This can be applied to many other industries, that are still growing and effecting us everyday.My blog is divided in multiple important topics and industries such as entertainment, finance, online gambling based on the latest technologies. Together with my wife, i’m collecting the most recent news items, headlines and published articles. It is important to always look for more information and publishing it on this website. We would like to improve the world by showing everybody how important technology can be for us as a human being.

How will our future look like? Will we be implementing more innovations in to our lives based on energy, sustainability, currencies and even entertainment? How are we going to life financially and what are the next steps? These and more questions will all be answered on my blog, in order to let others see the world from a different angle. By providing my readers with reliable, trustworthy and the correct information I will be able to create my own kind of community, surrounded by people with the same interests. This is why i’m so dedicated to work as hard on this website as possible, because I don’t want to let my readers down.